2012 Competition Law Conference

Add to Calendar: Jul. 26 - 27, 2012

Following the success of the inaugural CCS-SAL Competition Law Seminar in 2010, the Competition Commission of Singapore and the Singapore Academy of Law jointly present the 2012 Competition Law Conference.

The conference brings together regulators, practitioners, academia and businesses to exchange views on the latest developments on anti-competitive conduct, merger review and a review of competition regimes in the region.

Mr Philip Collins, Chairman of United Kingdom’s Office of Fair Trading, will deliver the keynote address and provide an overview of the recent developments in competition law and enforcement policies in the United Kingdom.

Participants will gain insights into the latest issues facing competition regimes, agencies and businesses, as competition law frameworks all over the world grapple with an increasingly complex global business environment.

One highlight of the 2012 Competition Law Conference is the business-centric segment for business leaders and corporate counsel who are interested to develop or know more about best practices of competition compliance for businesses. This segment is organised with the support of the Singapore Business Federation.

Mr Ho Meng Kit, Chief Executive Officer of the Singapore Business Federation, will present the Opening Address at the half-day Business Seminar, and will speak on the importance and benefits of competition compliance as part of good corporate governance.

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