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“Competition Policy International (CPI) a highly influential global resource for antitrust and competition policy. CPI delivers timely commentary and analysis on antitrust and global competition policy matters through a variety of media and applications. Our content has won several awards for excellence in legal writing. We are a reference for competition professionals in more than 185 countries who have searched, commented, and contributed to our repository of knowledge. Our newsletter is read by thousands of members of legal and financial communities around the world.

CPI offers an audience of top policymakers and influencers. Our online publishing platforms allow for a quick and streamlined process while delivering a high impact factor. We offer flexibility and customization on all partnership options to meet your needs.”

CPI has several options for collaboration, ranging from advertising space to Special Interest publications. Partners receive access to our vast resources including world-class academic articles, courses and all-new Briefing Rooms, as well as direct connections to our community of experts and several opportunities for advertising and publication.

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(1) Daily Digest advertisements


(2) Editorial content

Antitrust Chronicle articles (5000 words, edited and formatted, homepage advertisement, 2-week cycle on website, 1 Antitrust Chronicle email announcement, 1-week promotion in newsletter, archived in CPI library)

Briefing Room (up to 3 articles 5000 words each, edited and formatted, homepage advertisement, 2-week cycle on website, 1-week promotion in newsletter, archived in CPI library)

Commissioned Review (5000 words, reviewer selected by publisher, edited and formatted, 1-week promotion in newsletter, posted in Columns under Book Reviews, archived in CPI library)


(3) Sponsorship of CPI Special Interest Publications (topic or regional based)

One year of corporate logo and sponsorship copy included in each Special Interest publication announcement.

Option to publish one article in each publication of up to 25% of the yearly number of Special Interest issues (e.g. for a publication that publishes on a monthly basis, this would mean up to 3 articles). All articles will be reviewed, edited and formatted according to CPI guidelines. Sponsored articles will receive priority over other contributions in the same issue.

*Our editorial policy holds for all content published by CPI