Antitrust Chronicle – At the Crossroads – IP & Antitrust

With the arrival of spring, we are proud to offer our subscribers the CPI Antitrust Chronicle for April: At the Crossroads – IP & Antitrust.

This edition is published as a follow-up to the LeadershIP Conference, cosponsored by CPI, which was held in Washington D.C. on March 27, 2017. LeadershIP brought together a broad network of experts, thought leaders, and policymakers with diverse viewpoints. The conference advanced the IP and competition policy discussion and debate. Presentation and discussion topics at LeadershIP included potential priorities and new paradigms for Antitrust in the new administration, new patent legislation, standard setting organizations’ IP policies, various national antitrust guidelines for licensing of IP, and due process and comity principles in antitrust enforcement.

In the process of taking stock of the American and international IP systems and their enforcement, where do we stand? Conflict, consistency or somewhere in between? Is some “regulatory humility” in order, or is it time to forge ahead?