Dear Readers,

This edition focuses on different issues and facets of the Chinese competition regime. Recently, the Chinese competition authorities have, under the Anti-Monopoly Law (“AML”), imposed fines on several multinationals such as Qualcomm, Microsoft, and BMW. This has brought considerable attention to Chinese competition processes and structures.

The contributing authors in this edition look at different themes relating to the Chinese competition regime. One surveys the Chinese competition landscape, while another assesses the recent merger control rules and their efficacy, examines the process of conducting investigations d under the AML, looks at how AML incorporates elements of transparency, due process review and accountability & how it compares to its western counterparts. Yet another examines a recent judgment of the Chinese Supreme Court that may have far-reaching impact on the analysis involved in abuse of dominance cases, going forward and contrasts it with the position on the issue in Korea.

As always, thank you to our great panel of authors.


CPI Team