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Compliance programs are, by definition, the first line of defense against antitrust violations. Yet compliance programs raise inherent conflicts of interest. To what extent can one expect the hunter to be the groundskeeper?

This is the inherent dilemma to the treatment by regulators and courts of compliance programs in enforcement, fining guidelines, and countless other contexts.

The pieces in this Chronicle address this perennial dilemma in light of recent experience in numerous jurisdictions. The authors draw on their knowledge of how compliance programs work in practice, as well as how they are dealt with by enforcers and courts in their respective jurisdictions. They also provide practical guidance on how such programs should be implemented, based on their detailed experience.

As such, this Chronicle provides both a detailed overview of the operation of compliance programs and a useful primer in their design and implementation, based on global experience.

As always, thank you to our great panel of authors.


CPI Team

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