Dear Readers,

As per tradition, this August 2022 edition of the Antitrust Chronicle® features articles from members of the CPI Editorial Advisory Board. 

This set of articles covers a variety of jurisdictions and a diversity of antitrust topics including, among other things, reflections on the basic principles of antitrust law from practical and theoretical perspectives, recent amendments to the Chinese anti-monopoly law, the treatment of consortia under competition rules, the EU General Court’s approach to jurisdictional referrals under EU competition law, the evolution of UK competition law, and equitable remedies under antitrust law at the U.S. State level.

At the macro level, Rod Sims opens with his unique reflections as the experienced former head of the Australian ACCC. He draws on his years of experience in the role (as well as his past incarnations in the private sector) to draw out various insights that will be vital reading for practitioners in the public and private sector alike. Allan Fels AO similarly provides his insights on the legislative framework in operation in Australia and discusses recent proposals for reform. These observations are complemented by Dennis W. Carlton’s thoughts on recent (somewhat extreme) positions staked out by participants in ongoing debates over antitrust reform. In his view, although there are many improvements that can be made in antitrust doctrine and enforcement, the claims by a growing number of academics, politic


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