Dear Readers,

As per tradition, this August 2021 Antipasto edition of the Antitrust Chronicle features articles from members of the CPI Editorial Advisory Board.

This set of articles covers a variety of jurisdictions and a diversity of antitrust topics including, among other things, the treatment of innovation in merger analysis, consumer patterns in online markets, controlling market power in online ecosystems, the effectiveness of remedies in recent U.S. merger clearances, and failure to file under the Chinese merger control regime.

We are pleased to kick off this CPI Antitrust Antipasto edition with a CPI Talks… with Ioannis Lianos, President of the Greek Hellenic Competition Competition (“HCC”), who addresses the manner the HCC has dealt with the various challenges it faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, all of which are of relevance to enforcers and practitioners the world over.

Looking forward, our August and September Chronicles will feature contributions from U.S. State AGs, and deal with the pressing issue of the treatment of so-called “free” markets, and the evergreen question of tying & bundling analysis in antitrust law.

Lastly, please take the opportunity to visit the CPI website to watch CPI TV — our selection of exclusive video content, featuring interviews, roundtables, and fireside chats with such esteemed interlocutors as Joseph Stiglitz, UK CMA Chair Jonathan Scott, HCC President Ioannis Lianos, and many others. This is a


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