Antitrust Chronicle – Holiday Reading Edition

Before you all enjoy a well-deserved winter break, this month’s Antitrust Chronicle brings you a seasonal present throughout our selection of Holiday Readings. This compilation of articles from academics, practitioners and even a newly appointed head of antitrust transition team under President-Elect Trump will make your cold (or hot) days of December more pleasant.

This month’s edition covers topicsthat created debate for the whole year in a number of jurisdictions. From patent licensing and the scope of patents, to merger analysis in the hospital sector to the banking system and big data. Additionally, we also have contributions about China’s decision in Tetra Pak, bathtub conspiracies in India and the Energy Market investigation in the United Kingdom.

In other words, our last issue of 2016 will satisfy our most demanding readers, covering
cartels, abuses and mergers from U.S. to China passing through Europe and India.