Antitrust Chronicle® – Multi-Sided Markets & Consumer Harm

Dear Readers,

To close out this consequential year in antitrust, the December 2018 CPI Antitrust Chronicle® features articles related to multi-sided platforms and consumer harm. As the legal and economic literature have parsed out over the years, multisided markets have been around and long time, but today they have taken on a rather ubiquitous nature.

A number of the articles in this month’s Chronicle feature discussions on some of the pertinent issues of the European Commission’s recent Google Android decision…discussing, among other issues, relevant markets, competitive constraints, underlying damage theory, the potential effects of associated remedies, and potential consumer harm.

Looking beyond this specific case, one author asks: “Has the digital economy turned into a jungle?” This month’s articles address some of the broader themes and issues that continue to be hotly debated in relation to antitrust enforcement of two-sided and multi-sided markets. When faced with these new (and some not so new) hurdles, what are some of the main challenges to ensure the relevance and timeliness of competition enforcement?

As 2018 comes to a close the team at CPI wishes our readers, authors, and subscribers happy holidays and a great start to the New Year.

As always, thank you to our great panel of authors.


CPI Team*

*CPI thanks CCIA for their sponsorship of this issue of the Antitrust Chronicle®. Sponsoring an issue of the Chronicle entails the suggestion of


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