Antitrust Chronicle – Telecommunications

Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,

This month, the Antitrust Chronicle brings you a special edition on antitrust issues in the telecoms sector, focusing on the evolution of 5G technology. Across jurisdictions, many experts and practitioners agree that 5G differs from previous cellular generations and there are numerous antitrust issues that potentially come along with these changes and. Some wonder if today’s regulations are able to deal with the new developments in the telecoms sector. An overarching question is whether there is a problem of regulation or competition or both?

Should the advent of 5G lead to a regulatory revolution? Is there a tradeoff between standardization and variety? Telecoms regulations in the U.S., EU and other jurisdictions are addressed and analyzed. Do we have a “mobile fixation”?

Articles in this month’s AC feature discussions on issues related to network neutrality, spectrum policy, bundling behavior in telecoms (namely “triple-play” bundles), the trend towards Over-The-Top service providers and telecoms mergers.

Some of the recent merger cases discussed in this month’s issue include, among others: Hutchison Italy/Wind; Telefónica Deutschland/E-Plus; Altice/PT Portugal; Vodafone/Ono; and Liberty Global/Base.

We are delighted to offer our CPI Talks this month which features an interesting interview with Commissioner Elena Estavillo of Mexico’s Federal Telecommunications Institute.

Be sure to keep an eye out for some exciting n…


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