Antitrust Chronicle® – Ohio v. American Express: A Year Later…

Dear Readers,

On June 25, 2018, the Supreme Court sided in a 5-4 decision with American Express in a lawsuit over rules it imposes on merchants who accept its cards. The Supreme Court’s decision in Ohio v. American Express addressed a number of important issues concerning multisided platforms: for instance, whether each side of a platform is a separate relevant product market and whether a prima facie assessment of competitive harm must incorporate the impact to consumers on all sides of a platform.

The articles in this month’s edition of the CPI Antitrust Chronicle® look back at the Supreme Court’s decision in the Amex case. We are pleased to kick off this edition with a CPI Talks… interview with the FTC’s Alden Abbott and Bruce Hoffman. In addition, we have articles from David S. Evans & Richard Schmalensee, Michael L. Katz, Joshua Wright & John Yun, Benjamin Klein, Keith Hylton and other notable scholars. Where do things stand a year after the Supreme Court’s decision?

Lastly, please take the opportunity to visit the CPI website and listen to our selection of Chronicle articles in audio form from such esteemed authors as Maureen Ohlhausen, Herbert Hovenkamp, Richard Gilbert, Nicholas Banasevic, Randal Picker, Giorgio Monti, Alison Jones, and William Kovacic among others. This is a convenient way for our readers to keep up with our recent and past articles on the go, in the gym, or at the beach.

As always, thank you to our great panel of authors (one wh


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