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The Asia Pacific region – broadly defined – is key to the global economy. Global supply chains depend critically on the economic functioning of this part of the world. In its broad definition, “Asia-Pacific” includes South, East, and Southeast Asia, as well as Oceania. An understanding of this region is essential to any global understanding of antitrust.

The articles in this Chronicle include contributions from the entire Pacific rim. The topics covered range from the regulation of digital advertising in Japan, to the development of the mobile app ecosystem in India, to the controversy concerning online news in Australia.

The topics explored in these pieces reflect the state of the art in antitrust thinking, while also referring back to general themes that have long informed such thinking worldwide.

As such, they run the gamut of the issues specifically affecting the Asia Pacific region, but also are of great relevance to readers worldwide.

As always, thank you to our great panel of authors.


CPI Team1

1 CPI thanks Google for their sponsorship of this issue of the Antitrust Chronicle. Sponsoring an issue of the Chronicle entails the suggestion of a specific topic or theme for discussion in a given publication. CPI determines whether the suggestion merits a dedicated conversation, as is the case with the current issue of the Chronicle. As always, CPI takes steps to ensure that the viewpoints relevant to a bala


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