Dear Readers,

We are delighted to release our CPI Antitrust Chronicle issue for March 2021, Year of the Ox – Antitrust Enforcement in China and present a selection of articles from enforcement authorities, law and economics experts, and practitioners in China.

2020 was an unprecedented year. Under the challenge of a global pandemic, the competition community in greater China area has set up a new norm. The central government of China set up its “dual circulation,” strategy which involves relying on a robust cycle of domestic demand and innovation as the main driver of China’s economy, and maintaining international markets and investors as another engine of growth. This strategy will require vigorous enforcement of competition policy in different industries, especially in the platform economy. In 2020, we witnessed new challenges in both mainland China and Hong Kong, as well as in the judicial system, with the emergence of new business models, along with new competition issues.

This issue starts with two special CPI Talks interviews, with senior officials from the antitrust authorities in mainland China and Hong Kong, respectively. The first is with Mr. Zhenguo Wu, Director General of the SAMR. DG Wu outlines the achievements and focus of the SAMR’s anti-monopoly work in 2020, as well as the actions SAMR took in response to COVID-19. Mr. Samuel Chan, Chairman of the Competition Commission of Hong Kong (the “Hong Kong Commission”), outlines anti-monop


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