Antitrust’s Inequality Conundrum?

We are pleased to bring you the October 2017 Antirust Chronicle® which addresses issues related to Inequality and Antitrust. How might concerns about mounting wealth inequality affect antitrust and competition policy? Does market power contribute to inequality? And what are some possible antitrust policy modifications that should be considered in response to inequality? Is antitrust law a viable wealth distribution device?

There is a general perception in some parts of the debate that for the last thirty years, lax enforcement of U.S. antitrust laws has tilted the scales towards more consolidation and “efficient” strategic conduct. During the same time, wealth and income inequality has grown significantly in the U.S. and internationally.

Some authors think that antitrust law should remain focused on doing what it does well, i.e. focusing on economic efficiency and consumer welfare. Others, argue that the time is right for a paradigm change.

The October Antitrust Chronicle® features leading voices in the debate and we are proud to help foster a lively discussion of this interesting antitrust issue.

As always, thank you to our great panel of authors this month.