Blog o’ Blogs April 2015

April 2015, Volume 5, Number 4
It may seem like it’s all Google this month, with the U.S. and EU going in opposite directions, but there’s also a lot of good advice on how to both stay out of trouble and save money (or keep from losing it).
The FTC’s decision not to sue Google isn’t news
There is no reason to believe that politics played an important role in the FTC’s decision not to prosecute Google
Todd Zywicki (The Volokh Conspiracy)
Monopolization and abuse of dominance: Why Europe is different
EU law has moved toward more appreciation of outcome-focused economics while preserving other Community perspectives, values, and objectives.
Eleanor Fox (CPI)
In E.U. antitrust suit, Google is up against a “tough cookie”
In her native Denmark, she’s known as Queen Margrethe III.
Todd Frankel (Washington Post)
Mutual Funds’ Dark Side
Why airlines and other industries keep prices too high.
Eric Posner & E. Glen Weyl (Slate)
Antitrust Snoops on the Loose

It is time for courts to start questioning requests for monitors under the Sherman Act. 

Keith Hylton (WSJ Opinion)

Contingent Commissions and the Antitrust Laws
Reviewing what  broader applicability the Third Circuit’s decision [in In re Insurance Brokerage Antitrust Litigation] may have in other industries where intermediaries play an important role in matching sellers and buyers.
William Kolasky & Kathryn McNeece (Bloomberg BNA)
An Importan


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