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Ten to Date

Thomas Barnett, Shimica Gaskins, John Graubert, Apr 15, 2009

Price Squeeze Claims Succumb to Need for “Clear Rules”

The linkLine decision eliminates all price squeeze antitrust claims against defendants that have no antitrust duty to deal with competitors and reinforces several trends in recent Supreme Court decisions in the antitrust area.

Ian Forrester, Stefan Mahoney, May 18, 2009

Exceptional Approval of Major Mergers: London and Brussels Compared

This note records a short, urgent, highly-publicised attempt by a group of concerned citizens, the Merger Action Group (“MAG”), to challenge a rare governmental decision not to expose a government-favoured merger to the scrutiny of the otherwise applicable competition rules.

Andres Font Galarza, Constantin Gissler, Mar 12, 2009

Selective Distribution of Branded and Luxury Products and the Conjuncture of Online and Offline Commerce in the Light of the European Commission’s Revision of the Vertical Restraints Regime

We shed light on the antitrust law issues regarding selective distribution and online commerce as well as on the ongoing policy debate in this respect.

Keith Hylton, Jun 30, 2009

A Comment on the Intel Fine

One point I think is worth noting is that there is a process for evaluating questions of evidence and interpretation in the Intel case in the EU that appears to be quite different from that in the United States.

Paul Eckles, James Keyte, May 28, 2009



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