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This issue, organized by guest editor Mark Katz, is dedicated to developments in Canadian competition law and policy. It is a little known fact that Canada enacted its first competition legislation one year before the U.S. Sherman Act became law. But it is certainly widely recognized that Canada is now one of the world’s pre-eminent jurisdictions in competition law enforcement. The articles in this issue focus on the main pillars of Canadian competition law. Davit Akman, Adam Fanaki, & Mark Katz discuss how Canadian law is now more friendly to competition class actions; Lindsay Donders of the Competition Bureau offers a perspective on the Bureau’s participation in global enforcement efforts against cartels; Catherine Pawluch, Kevin Wright, & Jonathan Gilhen summarize recent developments in the related—and very important—area of foreign investment law, while Graham Reynolds provides helpful pointers on resolving global cartel cases in Canada. On a related topic, Steve Szentesi discusses the proceedings against one of Canada’s largest industry trade associations, the Canadian Real Estate Association, for alleged abuse of dominance. Finally, Sandra Walker writes about proposed changes to the Canadian Competition Bureau’s process for reviewing mergers.

Update: Canada

Davit Akman, Adam Fanaki, Mark Katz, Aug 31, 2010

Private Competition Litigation in Canada

The Canadian system may provide some useful lessons for those jurisdictio


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