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Summer lulls in many jurisdictions provide a fertile ground for introspection, revision and theory. International organisms, academics and practitioners have taken this time to address the coming storms as Antitrust and competition law continue to play catch-up with changing technologies and an increasingly complex global economy, where blurring lines between private and public, necessary and proprietary assets and recurring head-butting between competing jurisdictions making for an interesting and controversial midsummer’s edition…

On June 21-23, the OECD held a roundtable on the theme of “Algorithms and Collusion,” as part of a wider work stream on competition in the digital economy. The OECD roundtable reflects a shift in the debate over the antitrust implications of big data from concerns about the potential for companies to hoard big data…
Jay Modrall (Kluwer Competition)
The Washington Post editorial board understands online competition better than the European Commission does
Last week the editorial board of the Washington Post penned an excellent editorial responding to the European Commission’s announcement of its decision in its Google Shopping investigation. Here’s the key language from the editorial:
Geoffrey Manne (Truth on the Market)
We’re living in a moment where an increasing share of our commerce and communications are being m