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As major policy shifts unrelated to Antitrust loom once again over several of the world’s large and emerging economies, Competition theorists have had a dynamic and inspiring summer of developments to look forward to. From fretting over an overall decline in competitive zeal to the ongoing dilemma of common ownership and the Terra Incognita that still remains as we sail deeper into the depths of digital markets, August has plenty food for thought as we bid the summer months farewell…

Competition shaped by EU policy: A voyage into the unknown
EU treaties have set out a particular goal: the establishment of the single market. Achieving the single market is an objective with unclear boundaries regarding tools, stages and expected final outcome…
Enrique Bravo-García (Linklaters)

In FTC v. Qualcomm, Judge Koh Gets Lost in the Weeds
In his latestbook, Tyler Cowen calls big business an “American anti-hero”. Cowen argues that the growing animosity towards successful technology firms is to a large extent unwarranted… 
Dirk Auer (Truth on the Market)

Amazon’s Problem Is Too Much Competition, Not Too Little
Amazon has come under assault in recent weeks for failing to keep “thousands of banned, unsafe, or mislabeled” products sold by third parties off of its site…
Ramsi Woodcock(What am I Missing?)

Recent Developments in Canadian Cartel Enforcement: Is Business Becoming Immune to the Competition Bureau’s Immunity/Leniency Programs?
Merger enfo


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