Blog O’ Blogs December

On our last look of the year at the snowglobe of the Antitrust Blogosphere, a flurry of articles and notes help give us pause and prepare for the debates that will continue to rage, and some likely to flare up, as we enter the 2020s. Dealing with whistleblower protection will vie with the inexorable rise of artificial intelligence and the handling (and understanding) of data as hot-button issues to keep an eye on. Enforcement and compliance efforts continue to evolve, and the conversation on Big Tech enter a new stage, with enterprises and regulators alike honing their strategies. Enjoy this holiday selection, and get ready for more insightful content in the year to come!

Whistleblowing and Criminal Antitrust Cartels: A Primer And Call For Reform
My former DOJ colleague and whistleblowing writing partner, Kimberly Justice and I published an article in Competition, which has information about handling False Claim Act cases and calls for the Antitrust Division to more actively encourage whistleblowers…
Robert Connolly  (Cartel Capers)

Competitive Edge: Underestimating the cost of underenforcing U.S. antitrust laws
For much of the past three-and-a-half decades, courts across the United States increasingly accepted that strict antitrust rules present far greater dangers than lenient rules… 
Michael Kades (Competitive Edge)

Sharing is caring? That depends…
When should data be shared? Now seems as good a time as any to reflect, as we approach the season of giving, on such a q


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