Blog o’ Blogs July

July 2016, Volume 8, Number 6

Speculation over Brexit (and later, reactions to the shocking result!) once again dominate antitrust considerations as we take a look back at the start of Summer with several important developments in June. From tightening rules and enforcement in Asia to the effects of recent changes in the USDOJ’s rules, the year truly starts to heat up!

UK Votes to Leave
By Gavin Bushell
Writing from the floor of my office, you will all now be aware that the British public voted in favour of a so-called “Brexit”, or exit from the European Union (“EU”). Before I turn the lights off, I thought I would share the following, which may be of interest to our readers, on the implications…

On Brexit- the unthinkable and unreasonable
By Alfonso Lamadrid
There are risks and dangers so great that it is hard to come to terms with the idea that they exist and may materialize. The magnitude of it all makes them seem unreal. And when they finally turn into reality, they feel like a bad dream…

Competition, innovation, and legal services
By Christopher Grengs, Bureau of Competition
The legal services marketplace, like many sectors of the economy, is experiencing dynamic change. Among other things, clients have demanded more cost-effective and efficient services, and legal services providers increasingly use computer technologies to deliver their services.

Hitachi Chemical Sentenced For Role In Capacitors Cartel
By Robert Connolly
Just as I had pr…


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