Blog o’ Blogs June

June 2016, Volume 8, Number 5

The looming spectre of Brexit and its impact on EU competition is among the most watched topics this month, along with takes on China’s new monopoly regulations. With further changes in the US and Canada, as well as bold moves from German authorities, the Spring gears up for a dizzying close.

Mergers and the Public Interest: the hardest nut to crack for CMA’s new Chief Executive?
by David Reader
After two years at its helm, the Chief Executive of the UK’s Competition & Markets Authority (CMA), Alex Chisholm, is stepping down to become the new Permanent Secretary at the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

Should markets be regulated in Brussels or London? Brexit and competition policy
by Bruce Lyons
Much of the UK referendum debate jumps in on headline details about specific ‘regulatory burdens’ without thinking carefully about how to compare membership of the EU against life outside the single market.

Taking It With a Grain of Salt – China’s Commitment To Breaking Up Monopolies
Adrian Emch/May 30, 2016
Edible salt has been subject to a State/government monopoly/-ies in China since the Han Dynasty in around 120 BC.  Salt used to be a relatively scarce product, at least in the more inland areas of China, yet very important for the people’s diet.

Brexit and competition law
Assimakis Komninos/White & Case
A “leave” vote in the UK referendum on 23 June 2016 would have a number of repercussions. Com


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