Blog o’ Blogs June

Issues surrounding the appropriate size of companies and the power they hold have been at the forefront this late Spring, with iconic and potentially ground-breaking cases making noises on both sides of the Atlantic, and increasingly informing other jurisdictions as well. Changing guidelines and challenges presented by a dynamic digital market have provided ample inspiration and criticism from practitioners and academics alike, with plenty to keep an eye on as summer rolls on…

States Take Charge In Seeking to Block Merger of T-Mobile and Sprint
The unusual effort by more than a dozen state attorneys general to stop T-Mobile’s acquisition of its rival Sprint is perhaps most noteworthy for the antitrust enforcer that is not in the courtroom—the U.S. Department of Justice…
James J. Kovacs (Constantine Cannon)

How DOJ’s Updated Compliance Guidance is Relevant to Latin America
On April 30, 2019, the Criminal Division of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) issued updated guidance on the “Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs” (Updated Evaluation Guidance) intended to “assist prosecutors in making informed decisions…
Matteson Ellis (FCP Americas)

Proposal to tighten up the Swiss Cartel Act
The Federal Council aims at tightening up the Cartel Act in order to combat the foreclosure of the Swiss market and the price discrimination against Swiss corporate customers…
Marcel Meinhardt, Astrid Waser, Benoît Merkt (Kluwer Competition)



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