Blog o’ Blogs March

February gets the year into gear for Competition Authorities around the world as they come to terms an uncertain outlook on many fronts. Questions abound, from the effects (real and imagined) of BREXIT, to the early signs coming from a freshly installed (but not yet fully staffed) Trump administration and the prospect of Chinese antitrust authorities taking on a more prominent role in global affairs. All things to look forward to as Spring approaches in the Antitrust world.

The Directorate General for Competition (DGComp) published on 15 February 2017 its management plan for 2017.  It reveals the key objectives and areas of focus of DGComp for 2017.  We highlight below items of particular interest.
Chantal Lavoie (LavoieLegal)
Claimant’s Guide to Antitrust/Competition Litigation in the European Union
Recent years have seen a significant increase in the number of private competition claims in the European Union. The Claimants’ Guide to Antitrust/Competition Litigation in the European Union provides an overview of the process for recovering compensation for breaches of competition law before the national courts of an EU Member State…
Robert Bell (Competition Law/Bryan Cave)
In an opinion issued on September 20, 2016, In re: Vitamin C Antitrust Litigation, the Second Circuit unanimously held that US courts must respect a foreign government’s—in this case, Ch