Blog o’ Blogs May

The heated discussions and disagreements across jurisdictions have made for an interesting few weeks, with substantive decisions on both sides of the Atlantic shaking up long-held assumptions, setting up new paths for cooperation, but also for divergence in the way authorities deal with the ever-growing challenge of digital platforms, new pricing and business models, and changing assumptions on the role of regulators…

The First Blockchain Antitrust Case. Or Is It?
Legal professionals paying close attention to the still nascent world of blockchains and cyptocurrencies are following what is considered to be the first antitrust case involving cryptocurrencies….
Kristian Soltes (Constantine Cannon)

Is Amazon Guilty of Predatory Pricing?
In 2014, Benedict Evans, a venture capitalist at Andreessen Horowitz, wrote “Why Amazon Has No Profits (And Why It Works),” a blog post in which he tried to explain Amazon’s business model…
Stout & Stapp (Truth on the Market)

Illinois Brick Indirect Purchaser Rule No Bar to Monopolization Suit Brought by iPhone Users Against Apple over App Store Purchases
Last week, a divided U.S. Supreme Court allowed a monopolization suit filed by a class of iPhone owners to proceed against Apple…
Jody Coultas (Antitrust Connect)

AG Opinion in ICAP (relating to YIRD fining decision against ICAP as cartel facilitator)
Confidentiality, an inherent feature in commercial arbitration and a preferred one too, is of great importance to antitr…


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