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Easter season finds the Antitrust community walking egg shells, with uncertainty (and some palpable effects) over the looming upheaval to Europe’s Status Quo. Across the Atlantic some decisions continue to confound predictions, while developments in ‘new’ Asian and European jurisdictions come under greater scrutiny by their global peers. Thankfully, new resources and insightful think-pieces are at hand to help make sense of it all before the flurry of activity that is sure to come.

With her delivery of the UK’s Article 50 notice on March 29, Theresa May has launched the two-year negotiating process leading to the first exit of a Member State from the European Union (EU).
Jay Modrall (Kluwer Competition Blog)
California Federal Court Rejects Class Certification in Lithium Ion Batteries Antitrust Litigation
If you are the antitrust lawyer for a defendant in a class action, defeating class certification is a major victory—usually a complete victory, pending appeal.
Jarod Bona (The Antitrust Attorney)
We have followed over the last years Europe grappling with the issue of most favoured nation clauses and hotel booking. Our last update regarded a joint monitoring project between the CMA and the European Commission, designed to monitor hotel prices and commission rates
Roman Madej (Bryan Cave EU Competition Law)