Blog o’ Blogs November

The approaching end of 2017 has many jurisdictions in overdrive as authorities and companies get their ducks in a row for some deeply transformative changes ahead. Conflict between European regulators and major companies may be producing its first theoretical results; Chinese and Australian regulators keep busy with major tweaks and new heads at the US make their presence felt…

Strong Patent Protection Promotes Strong Economies
In her distinguished tenure as a Commissioner and as Acting Chairman of the FTC, Maureen Ohlhausen has done an outstanding job in explaining the tie between robust patent protection and economic growth and innovation…
Alden Abbott (Truth on the Market)

It Is Time for an Antitrust Whistleblower Statute
—Part I

Kimberly Justice and I wrote an article published in Global Competition Review arguing that it is time for an “Antitrust Whistleblower Statute.”  Kimberly and I will be expanding on this idea in Cartel Capers blog posts over the next two weeks.  Below is the first installment….
Robert E. Connolly (Geyer Gory – Antitrust Connect)

It has taken us more than usual to discuss AG Saugmandsgaard Øe’s Opinion in Case C-179/16, which is the most recent Hoffmann-La Roche in town (and we had very good reasons to do so, as you will see below!). But here we are…
Pablo Ibanez Colomo


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