Blog o’ Blogs October

October brings a month of uncertainty in global markets, with all the attending goodies, insights and breaking decisions we have come to expect. British authorities kick into high gear in anticipation of the 2019 sea-change to come, adding to an already frothing EU business and legal environment. In contrast, a slowdown in cartel cases has some economists scratching their heads, as does the sector’s adjustment to ongoing social, political and economic trends sweeping the world…

What Can/Should be Done To Pick Up the Pace of Cartel Investigations?
In an earlier post I discussed the Fiscal Year 2018 Antitrust Division statistics for criminal cases filed and noted that they were down dramatically. This is not a one year drop off, but a trend since the high water mark of 2015…?
Robert Connolly (Cartel Capers)

Ripples of #MeToo in the M&A world: examining the “Weinstein Clause”
A recent report Bloomberg indicates the increasing relevance of buyers staying away from a “#MeToo company” in M&A transactions – i.e., a company facing sexual misconduct allegations. This does not suggest that buyers are staying away…
Jaray Zhao (Deal Law Wire)

SA Competition Act officially amended – serious consequences for businesses
South Africa has amended its antitrust laws, first introduced to the country in 1998 via its Competition Act.  Parliament ratified the amendments (which still have to be rubber-stamped by the National Council of Provin…


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