Canada’s Competition Bureau Releases Its Strategic Vision For 2020-2024

The Competition Bureau’s Strategic Vision for 2020-2024

A message from the Commissioner

I am pleased to present the Competition Bureau’s strategic vision for 2020-2024. This document defines how we will renew the Bureau and build on past successes to make our vision a concrete reality. It will be the cornerstone for the Bureau’s future.

The three supporting pillars of our strategic vision—protecting Canadians through enforcement, promoting competition in Canada, and investing in our organization—will help us become a world-leading competition agency, one that is at the forefront of the digital economy and champions a culture of competition for Canada.

For Canadian consumers and businesses to thrive in the digital economy, the Bureau needs to continually seize opportunities to encourage competition and innovation in areas that matter to Canadians. The Bureau needs to take timely enforcement action and invest in new tools suited for the digital age so that Canadians can benefit from strong and vigorous competition.

As the digital economy disrupts and reshapes markets, competition authorities across the globe face a new set of challenges. We will continue to build strong relationships with both our domestic and international partners. We will focus our international approach, anchored in open dialogue, collaboration and cooperation. This will help advance and align competition policy and tools, and help protect Canadian consumers and businesses from anti-competitive conduct.

Our ability to achieve our vision centres around our greatest resource, our employees. As we forge ahead, we will recruit employees with diverse educational and professional backgrounds to ensure that our teams benefit from wide-ranging expertise and varying perspectives. We will invest in new tools and training to increase our capacity and ability to handle and analyze the vast amounts of data common to today’s digitally-focused investigations.

If we truly want Canadian markets to thrive in the digital economy, we must develop a culture that embraces competition. With the continued dedication of our employees and the invaluable collaboration of our domestic and international partners, I am confident that we will achieve this and continue to deliver the benefits of competition to Canadians—lower prices, more choice and greater innovation.

Matthew Boswell
Commissioner of Competition

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