In this issue: Our first March issue, managed by Senior Editor, Stephen Kinsella, focuses on the European Commission’s Oral Hearings procedure. Although relatively common–in practice oral hearings are requested in about 75 percent of all cases for which a statement of objections have been issued–there is confusion about what they are (and aren’t), what they […]


In this issue: Welcome to the home page of The CPI Antitrust Chronicle (formerly GCP Magazine).  In this issue, we’re taking the first of what will probably be many looks at the antitrust issues that Intel is facing. Our focus in this issue is the advisability of the  FTC’s use of expanded powers under Section […]


In this issue: Welcome to the home page of The CPI Antitrust Chronicle (formerly GCP Magazine).  In this issue, we’re revisiting an old friend – Leegin. Numerous states and Congress continue to be unhappy with the Supreme Court ruling and each is trying to determine how to turn the clock back. We present both sides […]

JAN-10(1)-Twelve of the Best from 2009

In this issue: Welcome to the home page of The CPI Antitrust Chronicle (formerly GCP Magazine).  We introduce our new name and our new website by looking back. We’re presenting twelve articles that remind us of the critical issues that competition policy faced in 2009—and we’ll likely continue to face in 2010. Twelve Antitrust Stories […]

Antitrust and Intellectual Property: Recent Developments in the Pharmaceuticals Sector

William Michael, Aidan Synnott, Sep 24, 2009 During his campaign for the Presidency, then-Senator Barack Obama promised that he would direct his administration to reinvigorate antitrust enforcement, placing special emphasis on competition in health care and pharmaceuticals. Among other things, he promised to œensure that the law effectively prevents anticompetitive agreements that artificially retard the […]

A Hard Landing in the Soft Drink Market ”MOFCOM’s Veto of the Coca-Cola & Huiyuan Deal

Fei Deng, Adrian Emch, Gregory Leonard, Apr 30, 2009 On March 18, 2009, China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) issued its decision to block the proposed takeover by The Coca-Cola Company (Coca-Cola) of China Huiyuan Juice Group Limited (Huiyuan). This is the first time that MOFCOM has prohibited a transaction under the Anti-Monopoly Law (AML), in […]

EU Cartel Fining Laws and Policies in Urgent Need of Reform

Karl Hofstetter, Nov 25, 2009 The criticisms against the cartel fining policies of the European Commission are mounting. Feeling the heat, the Commission is finally entering the debate: that’s good news. The bad news is that the Commission keeps stonewalling. Philip Lowe’s GCP online article is an eloquent case in point. While he deserves credit […]

Amendments to Improve the Mexican Competition Law

Gerardo Calderon-Villegas, Jul 14, 2010 In April 2010, President Felipe Calderon sent the Mexican Congress a bill to amend the Federal Law of Economic Competition (“LFCE”) and other statutes, in order to strengthen competition policy and law enforcement. This bill has been approved with some minor changes and additions by the House of Representatives and […]

Just What the Doctor Ordered, A Second Opinion for Vertical Price Fixing

Morissa Falk, Jay Himes, Jan 25, 2010 The debate over RPM centers on the fact that vertical price-fixing’s purpose is to increase an item’s price beyond that likely to prevail absent the price-fixing. As a leading commentator has said, RPM “tends to produce higher consumer prices than would otherwise be the case. The evidence is […]