In this issue: In Motorola Mobility, the Seventh Circuit is readying to rehear a lawsuit that will (hopefully) clarify the extent of U.S. antitrust law’s reach outside of the United States. The issue concerns the Foreign Trade Antitrust Improvements Act, which was ostensibly passed to clarify the reach and limits of the Sherman Act for U.S. companies […]


In this issue: We’re ending the summer with a departure from our usual focus on a single topic, rather presenting a diverse and topical assortment of articles. First up is Judge Ding Wenlian from the Shanghai Higher People’s Court who discusses how Chinese authorities look at minimum RPM agreements. Then Michael Carrier continues our ongoing […]


In this issue: We’re presenting two symposia this issue. A diverse variety of competition authorities and advocates tell us what’s on their minds, including Canada on cartels, Greece on professional services, Sweden on procurement, and Pakistan on advocacy, plus the ICN about competition assessments & a new virtual university, and the OECD on target constituencies. We […]


In this issue: Antitrust and advertising can be surprisingly intertwined, but the relationship doesn’t receive much attention. This issue addresses that problem. First we look at false advertising—both federal and state courts in the U.S. have issued contradictory rulings as to whether it’s illegal under antitrust laws as well as the Lanham Act. We question […]


In this issue: With all eyes on the Americas for the World Cup (many congratulations to Brazil for such a successful job hosting), it’s a good time to take a quick survey of the latest antitrust happenings in Latin America. We start with a strong indication of just how seriously the region is taking the […]


In this issue: As Mark Katz, the Guest Editor for this issue, states: “Perhaps more than ever, tensions between suppliers and retailers have become the defining feature of the grocery industry worldwide. These tensions have also frequently formed the basis for interventions by competition enforcement authorities in this sector.” We’re looking at some of those interventions, […]


In this issue:   Debate about due process has heated up in recent months. Our guest editor, Paul Lugard, has organized a special issue that highlights a number of recent developments: the intensity of judicial review in the EU in the wake of ECtHR’s ruling in Menarini and other cases, whether the concept of a “corporate human rights” […]


In this issue: Since 2012, when the Commission launched its State Aid Modernisation (“SAM”) reform of aid policy, new regulations have been steadily forthcoming—including, just last week, the adoption of new General Block Exemptions. So it’s more than timely that this issue brings us up to date on State aid. The first group of papers […]


In this issue: Since the FTC is such a major part of the antitrust and consumer landscape, we couldn’t let their 100th birthday pass without a suitable acknowledgment—Happy Birthday! And we aren’t the only ones to have noticed—this February the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade held a Hearing entitled […]