Another chapter in the EC’s commitments policy? The e-books commitments

Marcus Pollard, Rosario Maria Rende Granata, Nov 22, 2012 As the European Commission is set to accept an offer by Apple and four book publishers to end an antitrust investigation and avoid fines, Marcus Pollard and Rosario Maria Rende Granata (Linklaters LLP) introduce us to the specifics of the EU e-books case. They explain both […]

Regional Competition Center for Latin America presents: Sector study on telecommunications

Martin Cave, Oct 15, 2012 One of the main objectives of the Regional Competition Center for Latin America (or CRCAL by its acronym in Spanish) is to enhance competition agencies’ technical capacities. The CRCAL also aims at generating guidelines and sector studies based on best international practice and proven methodologies that may serve the decision […]

Regional Competition Center for Latin America Delivers Its First Guidelines and Sector Studies

Paolo Benedetti, Alain De Remes La Brely, Sep 15, 2012 The Regional Competition Center for Latin America (or CRCAL by its acronym in Spanish) is a multilateral initiative developed by thirteen competition agencies belonging to Latin America and the Caribbean. The central objective of the CRCAL is to improve competition agencies´ technical capacities in the […]

The ICN in 2012: 12 Reasons to Pay Attention

Paul O’Brien, Aug 02, 2012 After nearly 12 years, the International Competition Network has made its mark as a key player in reforming competition enforcement and policy. In that time, the ICN produced an impressive range of consensus work in virtually every aspect of global competition, and its recommendations proved vital to legal and policy […]

Beyond Detection: The Management of Cartel Cases

Diogo Thomson de Andrade, Carlos Ragazzo, Jul 24, 2012 Throughout the world, competition authorities are used to allocating much of their human resources to cartel detection and punishment. The main justification for this allotment is linked to the potential harm that these agreements pose for the economy and, foremost, to consumers. It is not a […]

Interchange Fees: Optimal Regulation

Panelists analyze various theories on interchange, focusing in particular on the tourist test. Thibaud Vergé notes that the tourist test doesn’t work well in all circumstances, but cost-based merchant interchange fees aren’t necessarily the right approach either. Emilio Calvano produces the punch line that while simple is good, unfortunately, there is neither a simple rule […]

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