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TechREG® Chronicle April 2022

TechREG Chronicle - April 2022 - Privacy Regulation

TechREG® Chronicle – Privacy Regulation

Privacy is one of the key policy issues of our time. The shift to a digital economy has brought about fundamental changes to the nature of modern commerce. Many of the most valuable services used by citizens worldwide are free at the point of consumption. Search, social media, messaging, and various forms of online content are available to users for no up-front monetary charge. Instead, companies monetize such services through other means, typically by selling advertising. 

This renders the consumer’s quid-pro-quo (or the “price” they pay) not to be counted in Euros, dollars, or cents, but in terms of their attention (or “eyeballs” in marketing jargon). Companies increasingly rely on data concerning user behavior and preferences in order to better target the advertisements that generate their revenue.

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