In this issue: The U.S. Supreme Court took a hard look at class actions earlier this year in a decision on Wal-Mart v. Dukes. Our five papers not only represent opinions from both sides of the decision, but present different outlooks on how the outcome may—or may not—impact further antitrust class actions. Wal-Mart v. Dukes: […]


In this issue: Financial institutions are under regulatory scrutiny like never before, and competition authorities are front and center. Editorial Board Member Nicolas Petit has assembled a premier group of European experts to look at all areas of the attack: LiBOR; the potential conflicts between the EU and U.S. approaches; CDS Investigations; a case study […]


In this issue: Currently uniting 114 competition authorities from both developed and developing countries, the ICN in its 10 years of existence has contributed significantly to the harmonization and convergence of global antitrust law and policy. Our guest editor, Paul Lugard, who edited a commemorative volume of essays—The International Competition Network at 10—for the ICN’s […]


In this issue: The ongoing saga of the Google book settlement has all the earmarks of a classic: On one hand is its lofty goal of preventing a repetition of the burning of the Library of Alexander and preserving written content; on the other is the issue of unprotected, defenseless orphans. Practically, however, this is […]


In this issue: In April, the Mexican CFC (Competition Commission) celebrated its first official competition day focusing on issues of guidance and transparency. In honor of that occasion, we are presenting our first bilingual issue. Three of these papers (in English) are from “foreign” experts. Professors Richard Schmalensee and David Evans, along with OFT Chairman […]


In this issue: The FTC and DOJ have created a Draft Proposal regarding how they might analyze competitive aspects of ACOs created under ObamaCare.The Draft contains features from both conventional merger and health insurance analysis. Will this change the way conventional mergers are analyzed? We’ve asked four experts to sort and clarify this new approach […]


In this issue: Whether you call it “collective redress” or “class action,” the problems of an appropriate role for a private consumer class in antitrust activity remain a constant in competition policy. The EU has issued Green papers, White papers, and now a Consultation request—all to determine if this should be an EU or national […]


In this issue: According to the latest speculation, India will have the world’s largest economy by 2050. Whether or not, there’s no question that global businesses need to thoroughly understand the corporate, political, and social environments of this important country. And India is just now tackling merger control. CPI editorial board member Danny Sokol has […]


In this issue: Competition authorities are looking hard at the economic theories that underlie the empirical analysis they use when evaluating mergers. With their recent merger guidelines, both the EC and U.S. competition authorities have introduced new methodology and emphasis—raising a lively debate in the process. This issue looks at the state of the art […]