2013 Antitrust Developments: United States

William Michael, Aidan Synnott, Jan 15, 2013 United States antitrust law has seen a number of significant developments in recent years—from American Needle to shifts in regulatory priorities—and 2013 promises to continue that trend. We cannot know exactly how U.S. antitrust law will or will not change in the coming year, but we can highlight […]

U.S. Antitrust Enforcement in 2013: Where Are We Going, and Why?

Kent Bernard, Jan 15, 2013 U.S. antitrust law is like a huge cargo ship in at least two respects: It takes time to change direction, and you don’t want to be in its way when it does. When we lift our eyes from the day-to-day cases and developments, certain trends come into sharper focus. Bigness […]

2013: The Wind of Change?

Ruchit Patel, Jan 15, 2013 The wind of change is blowing through this continent. Whether we like it or not …” 2013 has the potential to be a year of significant change for European antitrust law. Aside from anticipated policy developments in the areas of State Aid, Merger Control, Collective Redress, and Free Trade, it […]

Fortune Telling: Australian Competition Law in 2013

Julie Clarke, Jan 15, 2013 “Trying to predict the future is like trying to drive down a country road at night with no lights while looking out the back window.” Predicting the path of Australian competition law in 2013 may be more difficult still. It is an election year in Australia and, if history is any guide, […]

Canadian Competition Law Looking Ahead to 2013

Mark Katz, Jan 15, 2013 The year just ended witnessed a changing of the guard at Canada’s Competition Bureau, with Melanie Aitken resigning as Commissioner of Competition in September 2012. Ms. Aitken was replaced on an interim basis by John Pecman, a seasoned Bureau veteran with over 28 years of enforcement experience. It is expected […]

2013 A Glimpse Into the Future of South African Competition Enforcement

Tanya Haskins, Heather Irvine, Jan 15, 2013 The new year is likely to see several interesting developments in South African competition law, following a very busy 2012 in which the Competition Commission made its maiden voyage to the Constitutional Court, Government intervened in several large merger transactions, and the Tribunal handed down three important judgments […]

A few reflections on the FTC’s decision on Google

A few reflections on the FTC’s decision on Google

David Evans, Jan 08, 2013 (Click here for a PDF version of the article.) The FTC’s 5-0 decision to drop its investigation into Google’s search-related practices is breathtaking. A number of companies had charged that Google was engaging in unfair competition by cooking its search results. Yet the Commission staff concluded that there was no […]

Intro: Assessment of information technology mergers in China

CPI Asia Column edited by Vanessa Yanhua Zhang (Global Economics Group) presents: Assessment of information technology mergers in China by Ninette Dodoo (Clifford Chance, Beijing) and Angie Ng (Clifford Chance, Hong Kong)   While Chinese IT companies are facing international barriers, especially in the United States right now, it would be interesting to have a full […]

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