Chile Approves Microsoft Activision Blizzard Tie-Up

Microsoft has secured another approval for its proposed $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

Last week, Chile’s Fiscalía Nacional Económica – the National Economic Prosecutor’s Office – cleared the merger following a phase one investigation of its potential impact.

In its statement, translated by Google, the FNE ruled out the possibility that the deal would “substantially reduce competition,” based on the evidence it received, its analysis of the market, and the preferences of video game consumers in Chile.

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The regulator believes that, should the merger be completed, there will still be plenty of competition in the video game space.

It also said Microsoft and Activision are unlikely to pull Call of Duty from other formats due to the competitive pressure from other publishers such as Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Take-Two, as well as Microsoft’s rivals Sony and Nintendo.

It also noted the relevance of Call of Duty in Latin American markets is “comparatively less than in other regions of the world.”