Blog o’ Blogs April 2016

March has brought us an interesting mix of developments as the US settles into a coming wave of Mergers, missing justices and high-impact pharmaceutical rulings. The rest of the world is no slouch, as Europe continues to tackle various tech firms, and (some) are urged to go on the offensive against cartels, and the world reacts to China’s recent antitrust guideline modifications. Plenty of Easter Eggs on this Spring season.


Quo Vadis Post-Actavis?
For more than 15 years, one of the FTC’s top priorities has been to put an end to anticompetitive reverse-payment settlements between brand-name drug makers and their potential generic rivals…
Jamie Towey/em>(Bureau of Competition)

Merger control and mobile phone operators, or the limits of competition law and sector-specific regulation
In the field of merger control, it is all about mobile phone operators these days. The hearing on the Three/O2 UK merger took place last week.
Pablo Ibanez Colomo (Chilling Competition)

The problem with profits
What too much profit at the top means for America and how billionaires in emerging countries are riding the waves of economic growth.(The Economist)

Google Fiber, competition, and affordable broadband for all
Google Fiber, the broadband Internet and TV subsidiary of Alphabet, announced the rollout of free gigabit Internet service for the West Bluff neighborhood in Kansas City, Missouri.Jack Karsten & Darrell M. West (Brookings)

China’s Anti-Unfair


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