Blog o’ Blogs August 2015

August 2015, Volume 5, Number 8
We start with two papers by Commissioner Wright and Judge Ginsburg on Canada’s and Japan’s proposed intellectual property guidelines, move on to a significant decision on pay-TV, then analyze a variety of court decisions, and also hear (twice) from the FTC on mergers. We finish with a little disruption.
Comment of Commissioner Joshua D. Wright and Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg to the Canadian Competition Bureau
Comment regarding the Canadian Competition Bureau’s Draft Updated Intellectual Property Enforcement Guidelines

Comment of Commissioner Joshua D. Wright and Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg to the Japan Fair Trade Commission
Comment Regarding The Japan Fair Trade Commission’s Draft Partial Amendment to the Guidelines for the Use of Intellectual Property Under the Antimonopoly Act.

Copyright reform through competition law? The Commission’s statement of objections in the pay TV investigation

If the Commission goes ahead with the theories sketched in the press release, it would be redefining, via Article 101 TFEU enforcement, the scope of the right of communication to the public and the reach of the exhaustion doctrine.

Pablo Ibanez Colomo (Chillin’Competition)

The European Commission’s Battle Over Pay-TV Services: Can Segmenting the EU Market Be Justified?
At the heart of this case lies the single market imperative; the elimination of obstacles to free movement within the internal market.
Andreas Stephan (Competition Policy Blog)


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