CPI Blog o’ Blogs November 2012

November 2012, Volume 2, Number 11
Patents remains the hottest topic of the month, although the Europeans have also been quite active. Plus we have an interesting comment on political imbecility and updates on the U.S. Supreme Court, the FTC, and the SEC. And for our U.S. community, our best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving!
Government Trustbusters Scrutinize Patent-Holding Firms
Companies that should be competing “instead are cooperating, through the troll, to raise rivals’ costs and share the profits from doing so.”
Ashby Jones (WSJ Law Blog)
Richard Epstein Podcast: ‘Patent Rights: A Spark or Hindrance for the Economy?’
With a string of high profile patent infringement suits in the smartphone industry – and a new effort to roll back patent rights at the International Trade Commission certain patents held by so-called “non-practicing entities” – the debate over intellectual property has grown more intense.
(courtesy of Truth on the Market)
Why an Antitrust Lawyer Cares About Patent Reform
Collaboration and collusion are twisted and inversed.
David Balto (Walter Kluwer)
How Many Patents Make a “Patent War”?
Patent thickets are also defined by, among other things, the capabilities and costs of communication between the relevant parties and the means and costs in commercially exploiting the technology.
Adam Mossoff (Intellectual Ventures)
Software Patents and the Smart


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