Blog o’ Blogs November 2015

November 2015, Volume 5, Number 11
This month’s theme is the extensive reach of antitrust. Whether in sports, philanthropy, consulting, pharm, and much more, it’s important to stay tuned into competition policy and laws.
Pardon the interruption
During an antitrust investigation, we often hear that our concerns fail to account for disruptive forces that will soon emerge and shake up the competitive dynamic in the market in the near future.
Stephen Weissman (FTC)
Removing barriers to competition in mobile payments platforms

Competition authorities often lack the right expertise to address competition bottlenecks in mobile money markets.

Elisa Sitbon (Brooking Institution)

Notable Developments Since the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority was Granted Concurrent Competition Powers
An expansion of this nature suggests that the FCA aims to take on a significant number of new cases and, in particular, exercise its newly-enhanced powers to enforce UK competition law.
Jo O’Riordan (Comp Law Blog)
Three Supreme Court Petitions to Watch
However, within just one month, the Court has been asked to review three high-profile antitrust decisions.
Jeffrey May (AntitrustConnect Blog)
The Antitrust Laws Encourage Stealing

An agreement not to steal each other’s employees is a per se antitrust violation that allows the government or plaintiffs to dispense with some serious elements of proof. 

Jarod Bona (Antitrust Attorney Blog)

De minimis and Article 102 TFEU: how


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