Blog o’ Blogs December

December 2015, Volume 5, Number 12
This month’s theme is the global reach of antitrust, with developments from the usual suspects but also from Africa, India, and Australia. And happy holidays everyone!
Antitrust Cops Flex Muscles
But the resurgence of antitrust is nevertheless odd at a time when the lines dividing markets are breaking down, and competition is coming from unexpected directions.
Alan Murray (Forbes)
EU Antitrust Compliance and Third Parties: How Can You Minimise the Risks?

Is it going too far to extend the responsibility companies have for the behaviour of their employees to commercially-linked third parties?

Rachel Cuff (AntitrustConnect Blog)

The rule of law and legal certainty in EU competition fines
The basic problem is that fines are undetermined and–what is worse– purposefully undeterminable with the excuse that otherwise undertakings would “factor them in” and deterrence would not be obtained. 
Luis Ortiz Blanco (Chillin’Competition)
Bring Back Antitrust
But perhaps the biggest reason is that antitrust policy has become divorced from politics, confined to specialized lawyers and mathematicians instead of citizens and activists. 
David Dayen (American Prospect)
Standalone claims in the CAT: bypassing the transitional rules

It is somewhat clunky for claimants to have to issue in the High Court (and incur fees there) only to then transfer to the CAT, but it is better than nothing.

Tristan Jones (Competition Bulletin)


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