Blog o’ Blogs November 2014

November 2014, Volume 4, Number 11
This month we have a grab bag of hot issues, including an insider’s story re price fixing, potential action from the new Congress, network neutrality, spicy documents, confidentiality, payments, State Aid, innovation, plausibility, insurance, and supply chains. 
Confessions of a Price Fixer
“The story goes like this: ‘I understand you can always say no, but if you accept the request to go to jail, we’ll support you 100 percent,'” he said. “If I fight and lose, I lose everything. But if I don’t fight the company, the company … will support me for the rest of my life.”
Hans Greimel (Automotive News)
A Challenge to FTC Methods
Republicans in the new Congress are expected to continue raising concerns about the scope of the FTC’s unique powers to police unfair methods of business competition that might not be covered by traditional antitrust law. 
Brent Kendall (Wall Street Journal)
Net Neutrality—What’s in a Name?
To commercial entrants and public interest groups, the defining issue is competition – whether entities with market power achieved through regulation will be permitted to use that power to choke off competitive threats in an unregulated space. 
Robert Schwartz (Antitrust Today)
The Politics of Net Neutrality: Five Things to Watch
Conventional wisdom is that the more authority the FCC asserts over broadband as part of net neutrality, the more likely the agency is to approve the Comcas


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