CPI Talks… With Ioannis Lianos

In this edition of CPI Talks we have the pleasure of speaking to Ioannis Lianos, president of the Hellenic Competition Commission (“HCC”).

Thank you, Mr. Lianos, for taking this time to talk to CPI.

1. How has the HCC dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic, and are there any learning experiences that you would like to share?

Definitely, the pandemic has been an important challenge. The first important issue that we had to consider was to maintain the functioning of the HCC during this difficult period.

First, we had to very quickly make the necessary investments to ensure that we could move to teleworking. I think we managed to do that very quickly, and we have been among the first public authorities in Greece, to put in place teleworking for almost all of our staff. That also included the meetings of the board of the HCC. We also had to put in place the necessary changes in our legislation and internal regulations so as to be able to have these meetings of the board, in particular for merger cases, but also for antitrust cases, through teleconferencing.

Also, we had to deal with the market situation, which was drastically changing with this supply and demand shock occurring. So, we had to devise mechanisms to somehow limit the competition law problems that this could create. We were the first authority that issued a recommendation with regards to maximum resale price maintenance, inspiring the rest of the ICN and other commissions to issue a joint statement that m


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