CPI Talks… with Dr. Zhenguo Wu

In the first of this month’s editions of CPI Talks… we have the pleasure of speaking to Dr. Zhenguo Wu, Director General of the Chinese State Administration for Market Regulation.

Thank you, DG Wu, for taking this time to talk to CPI.

1. Would you please outline the achievements and focus of anti-monopoly law enforcement by the SAMR in 2020? And what role has it played in the prevention and control of COVID-19?

In 2020, China’s antitrust authority implemented the strategic deployment of the CPC Central Committee on strengthening anti-monopoly rules and preventing disorderly expansion of capital in face of the impact of COVID-19 and the complex and challenging domestic and foreign economic environment, and worked diligently to push forward anti-monopoly law enforcement to a new stage and reach a higher level.

Following the principle of fair competition, SAMR directly addressed the weaknesses in market entity development, solved consumers’ most direct and practical problems, improved consumer welfare, and supported high-quality economic development through anti-monopoly work. SAMR balanced pandemic prevention and economic and social development, and successfully completed the tasks of competition enforcement. The officers overcame difficulties, strengthened anti-monopoly law enforcement, and accelerated the construction of the national market which is unified and open with orderly competition. SAMR acted proactively to improve the competition enforcement sy


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