Crackdown on Cartels Highlights the Need for Competition Law Compliance in South Africa

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Heather Irvine, Mar 27, 2008

The South African Competition Commission intensified its efforts to combat cartel activity in 2007, and a number of cases involving price-fixing and market division in key sectors of the South African economy were referred to the Competition Tribunal for adjudication. Various factors have contributed to successful prosecutions:

  • First, the Competition Commission is increasingly in a position to initiate its own investigations, rather than simply wait for complaints from South African customers or competitors.
  • Second, the Commission utilized search and seizure operations (or “dawn raids”) in the course of a number of investigations in 2007.
  • Third, it seems that the Competition Commission’s Corporate Leniency Policy is starting to yield results.

These developments and others highlight the need for local and international companies operating in South Africa to implement and maintain a competition law compliance program. Download the entire article available in the column on the left.

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