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To wrap up 2010, under the sponsorship of Editorial Advisory Member James Killick, we decided to do a little crystal ball gazing. We asked seven European authors to look at what will be, needs to be, and might be changed in the EU competition policy world of 2025. Ken Daly writes, “… in March 2000, the EU Heads of States and Governments agreed to make the EU ‘the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-driven economy by 2010.’ Although not many would argue that this has been achieved, readers need not despair because the plan has been replaced by an even catchier one-‘Europe 2020’.” So how will competition policy enable Europe 2020, 2025, 2030 and beyond?

European Antitrust in 2025 and Beyond

Ken Daly, Dec 10, 2010

Imagining EU antitrust enforcement in 2030

Competition policy and enforcement practice, on the other hand, are often scrambling to catch up and respond to market events and revolutions, in many cases while the outcome of those revolutions remains unknown. Ken Daly (Sidley Austin)

Damien Gerard, Dec 09, 2010

EU Antitrust Enforcement in 2025: Why Wait? Full Appellate Jurisdiction, Now

How to bridge the gap between the transformations resulting from the modernization process and the scope of the EU Courts hybrid jurisdiction in antitrust matters? Damien M.B. Gerard (University of Louvain)

Assimakis Komninos, Dec 09, 2010

EU Competition Law and Policy in 2025:Modernization”Mission Accomplished?

The European Union will remain a dynamic supranational entity, thus being sheltered from political paradigm shifts which are more likely to affect”at least in a dramatic way”specific Member States than a Union of twenty-seven or thirty-something states. Assimakis Komninos (Hellenic Competition Commission)

Robert McLeod, Dec 09, 2010

European Antitrust in 2025: A Strangely Familiar Picture

European antitrust in 2025 will be a strangely familiar place even as a revolution of private enforcement changes the way regulators, industry, and the judiciary interact. Robert McLeod (MLex)

Renato Nazzini, Dec 09, 2010

Twenty Years After: The Future of Competition Enforcement in the European Union

Among the areas in which European competition law has yet to develop a robust approach, three are particularly important and will undergo significant scrutiny and change over the next two decades: a) the objectives of the law; b) the regulation of distribution; 3) abuse of dominance. Renato Nazzini (Univ. of Southampton)

Grant McKelvey, Mark Powell, Dec 09, 2010

Director Disqualification as a Complement to EU Antitrust Fines: Towards a More Balanced Sanctions Policy

Like all good things, the single punishment tool of corporate fines can, if used in excess, produce negative consequences”in this case a potentially damaging effect on companies operating in a flagging European economy. Mark Powell & Grant McKelvey (White & Case)

Alan Riley, Dec 09, 2010

EU Competition Policy in 2025: A Vision of an European Internationalist Future?

The Triumph of Brussels: A Day in the Life of DG Competition”Monday 23 June 2025. Alan Riley (City University Law School)