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For this holiday issue, we’re presenting the CPI Gift Bag—a collection of articles on a variety of themes with something for everyone. To start, Marc Levinson has both written and given us an interview on one of the strangest cases in antitrust history—the A&P case. The parallels to today are striking. Then we present a series of reviews of recent important case decisions—Herb Hovenkamp on Lundbeck and dominance, Tim Brennan on Intel and exclusion, and Laura Atlee on Pfleiderer and leniency. Staying in Europe, Ben Van Rompuy takes a look at what recent EU court cases reveal about possible impacts on competition policy from the Lisbon Treaty, and Andrey Shastitko & Alexander Kurdin analyze the non-intuitive twists resulting from conflict between new antitrust and intellectual property laws in Russia. Paul Godek then chooses between two conflicting approaches in estimating damages. Happy holidays everyone!

CPI Gift Bag

Marc Levinson, Dec 13, 2011

Monopoly in Chains: Antitrust and the Great A&P

The allegations that led to those convictions make strange reading today, for they contain almost nothing by way of economic analysis. Marc Levinson (Article & Interview)

Herbert Hovenkamp, Dec 13, 2011

Mergers with Dominant Firms: The Lundbeck Case

The court did not appreciate the difference between price setting in differentiated and undifferentiated markets. Herbert Hovenkamp (Univ. of Iowa)

Timothy Brennan, Dec 13,


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