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The subject of merger remedies dramatically demonstrates the increasing complexity of antitrust regulation. In this issue, organized by Danny Sokol, we look at problems with conditions imposed on proposed mergers, including (i) dealing with ever-changing high-tech markets, (ii) conflicts across multiple regimes, (iii) competition laws that deal with more than maintaining competitive markets, (iv) asking whether authorities or companies should design solutions, and (v) minority ownership. Plus we have two Of Special Interest articles—defining relevant markets, and the new Greek method of identifying collusion. Happy holidays, everyone!

Merger Remedies

Daniel Sokol, Dec 16, 2014

The Broader Implications of Merger Remedies in High Technology Markets

A number of cases suggest that competition authorities should undertake a more nuanced view of how technology markets work in their merger remedies. D. Daniel Sokol (Univ. of Florida)

Kellie Kemp, Scott Sher, Dec 16, 2014

A Comparative Analysis of the Use of Merger Remedies in Technology Industries

Technology mergers present issues not often present in combinations occurring in more traditional industries, and jurisdictions around the globe are dealing with such challenges differently. Scott Sher & Kellie Kemp (Wilson Sonsini)

Adam DiVincenzo, Dec 16, 2014

The Real Threat Posed by Global Merger Enforcement Divergence

So which divergence problems relating to remedies pose the grea


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