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We certainly lived in interesting times in 2011. Before the year fades away in the anticipation of even more excitement to come, we once again present a dozen of our most read articles of 2012, chosen not only for their popularity but for their variety. And we certainly want to take this opportunity to to thank everyone that participated in the CPI community this year—from our editorial board, to our authors, and, most especially, our subscribers. May you all have a Prosperous and Joyous New Year!

A Dozen of Our Best

Paul Lugard, Feb 18, 2011

The New EU Competition Rules for the Assessment of Horizontal Agreements, II

…the Commission has also taken the opportunity to tighten the rules in a number of important respects. Paul Lugard

Sonia Jaffe, Glen Weyl, Mar 14, 2011

Price Theory and Merger Guidelines, II

Our work extends existing first-order approaches to merger analysis to provide quantitative estimates of price and consumer surplus changes. Sonia Jaffe & E. Glen Weyl (Harvard Univ.)

Dennis Carlton, Mar 14, 2011

Use and Misuse of Empirical Methods in the Economics of Antitrust, II

Discussing some of the theoretical and empirical strengths and weaknesses of the approaches to antitrust analysis, including a critique of some of the recent methods. Dennis Carlton (Univ. of Chicago)

Benjamin Brown, Oct 31, 2011

DOJ’s Attempt to Block the AT&T/T-Mobile Merger Places the Horizontal Merger Guidelines on Trial, II

If merge


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