Effective Engagement of Stakeholders: Inquire, Innovate, Intrigue

The Competition Commission of Singapore, Aug 28, 2012

Given the significant impact that competition law could have on the course of doing business in Singapore, CCS regards it as an important priority to educate and raise awareness of the competition regime to the business community. In a recent stakeholders perception survey conducted by CCS that covered over 400 businesses, 200 consumers, competition practitioners, and government agencies, it was found that consumers and businesses displayed fairly low levels of understanding and knowledge about competition law as well as a very unclear perception of what CCS did (consumers: 36 percent; businesses: 41 percent). This underlines the need for further advocacy and outreach to boost awareness and knowledge. The challenge is to communicate highly technical legal and economic concepts to our stakeholders, and to make ourselves heard above the many messages and voices that people are bombarded with daily.

To address these challenges, CCS developed an advocacy framework, I3, to distill and help stakeholders understand competition law and its benefits through simple innovations and fun methods that explain the intricacies of competition law and economics. The core pillars that form the I3 framework are: Inquire, Innovate, and Intrigue. The I3 framework guides our efforts to convey educational messages in a way that is engaging, relevant, and effective. CCS strives to be innovative in advocacy to enhance the effectiveness of these…


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